Are Balisongs Legal in Mexico

No knife style is legal in all 50 states. But as a general rule, those who care about compliance with knife laws at all levels should stick to buying and transporting knives designed for the utility sector, such as Swiss Army knives. In addition, most places where knives are allowed allow blades with a maximum length of 3 inches. Socket balisongs have a small metal ring slightly thicker than alder in any rotating hole with a usually bronze disc known as a washer on each side. These washers attach to the ring, but not to the tang, when the swivel screw is tightened, allowing the handle to rotate around the alder. Although marijuana is legal in many parts of the United States with and without a medical card, marijuana cannot be brought into Mexico. This includes items that contain cannabis or any of its derivatives. There are also three methods of operation that Balisongs uses: bearings, rings or simply washers. Even in states where the possession and carrying of knives is legal, there are still places where the possession of knives is strictly prohibited. All federal property falls into the category of these prohibited places. Citizens are not allowed to carry butterfly knives on federal property, hidden or otherwise, unless that person is a federal agent. The Balisong was widely used by Filipinos, especially in the Tagalog region, as a self-defense knife and pocket service. Hollow loop balisongs were also used as razors before conventional razors were available in the Philippines.

In the hands of a skilled user, the knife blade can be quickly used with one hand. Manipulations called “flipping” are performed for the arts or entertainment. Blunt “trainer” versions of these knives are available and can be used to practice tricks without risk of injury. Much to the chagrin of many knife lovers, these controversial blades have restrictions in several countries around the world. While the legality of butterfly knives in the United States varies from state to state, the USPS prohibits the shipment of this type of knife because of its link to crime and violence. Butterfly knives are illegal in many places as they can be used as a threatening weapon. A person with extensive practice can use butterfly knives with immense speed, which can be the most dangerous feature of the knife. The speed with which a person can pull and remove a butterfly knife has historically made it useful for criminals. I`m pretty sure a butterfly manufacturer wouldn`t even be illegal in Mexico The legality of a knife depends on the type of knife and how some states classify it.

Some states classify butterfly knives as switching blades, daggers, or gravimeters, so it`s illegal to possess them in these areas. The knife is now illegal or restricted in some countries, often under the same laws and for the same reasons that control blades or hidden weapons are restricted. In the Philippines, it is no longer as common in urban areas as it once was. [2] Rolling-powered Balisongs have small ball bearings housed in a circular concavity around the hole in the pivot point. These bearings make it possible to rotate the handles of the Balisong. There are different legal defenses against knife allegations. People accused of violating knife laws can talk to their legal counsel about the following strategies to use as a defense: New Hampshire restricts the possession of butterfly knives to certain citizens. Persons convicted of crimes against persons or property are not allowed to possess or carry them. Did you know that there are knife laws in Mexico? Knives are regulated differently in Mexico than in other parts of the world. For example, it is illegal to carry a knife with a blade larger than four inches. It is also illegal to carry any type of weapon, including knives, in certain public places such as schools and government buildings.

If you are caught with a knife in a forbidden place, even with something as small as a pocket knife, you can be fined or even arrested. In the United States, butterfly knives are illegal in eight different states with varying degrees of legality. States where a person cannot legally own a butterfly knife include: Balisong sneakers have a special blunt, unspecialized “blade” and are legal in some areas where balisongs are not. Re: [rayitodeluna] Knife laws and settings (bag and up to 7 inches) Can | Don`t post private answer A knife in Mexico is considered a weapon, according to Reynosa police and a federal agent. I was arrested at a checkpoint in Reynosa and 8 policemen and one who had just been fed had almost a cow because I had 2 knives in the truck and 1 in my bag. They almost got pissed off when they saw my traffic vest with the police on it with my Balistic vest. They kept telling me I had armor and I always told them NO, my guns were in the United States. In short, they can get you on a butter knife.

I managed to convince them that I was a retired police officer living here, and they let me keep my things. Oh…. they never talked about the brand new shiny 14-inch machete on the front seat !!!!!!! Most modern Bali songs, like the Benchmade 51, don`t use tang pins. Instead, they use “zen pins,” which are two small pins built into the top of the Balisong`s handles and come into contact with the bottom of the blade. A Balisong with Zen pins cancels out the problem of Tang pins dropping (as is typical for some cheaper models). There are also pure washer beacons, which are usually much cheaper and of lower quality than other types, since they do not require rings, but the handles still bind to the tang when the screws are tight enough and the washers, alder and handles wear out much faster due to the increased friction. Some other states also allow the possession of butterfly knives as long as the knives are not hidden. In addition to Utah and Oregon, visible butterfly knives are also allowed in Wyoming, North Dakota and Oklahoma. Owners of butterfly knives in New York must also have a proper hunting or fishing license to make their harbor legal. Ask Don Pedro about these forums.

He is known to publicly carry a large knife in his wreath. He also rides a bike without a helmet. He seems to get in order as soon as the local police get to know him and his story. ** Kitchen knives and butcher`s knives and chopping knives are fine in our luggage – because they look utilitarian. If convicted, you can be sentenced to up to five years in a Mexican prison. Mexico`s Ministry of Agriculture bans the import of many items because they pose a high risk of potential introduction of diseases or epidemics into the country. For example, the Maya I work with nicknamed me “Maya Rubio” because I really enjoy working side by side with them. If you accidentally import an item banned into Mexico, you will likely be fined and the item confiscated. It is important to know the customs regulations to avoid penalties. If you are caught with a prohibited object, you can expect a prison sentence or a heavy fine. If you are stopped by Mexican customs officers and asked to hand over an item, it is important to cooperate. Otherwise, it could have serious consequences.

Be sure to check the list of prohibited items before traveling and check any items you are unsure of. Re: [rayitodeluna] Knife laws and settings (bag and up to 7 inches) Can | I think you react too much to knives – the big problem for U.S. law enforcement is hiding, but in Mexico there`s the added factor of personal enrichment. All the way to the US State Department – they notoriously peck and get it wrong very often. What would the State Department have to say about the recently canceled protest marches in Atlanta — one reason for that — they had a news video of a young white man being shaved walking down a crowded Atlanta street, with an AK47 assault rifle LEGALLY RECORDED on his shoulder! When they asked me what all the knives were for, I told them fishing and protection. Then they all wished my 5 year old daughter a happy birthday. Re: [rayitodeluna] Knife laws and settings (bag and up to 7 inches) Can | not posting Private response This was not my personal experience. We took knives with us. Use them as gifts and exchange items.

I don`t know if a tactical military knife would be appropriate, but we`ve never had problems with regular pocket knives. If I remember correctly, we had an officer who admired a handmade moulting knife that was in the pocket of the truck door. Damn it, where we lived, half the men walked around with machetes on their hips. Sugar cane is prohibited. Apples, oranges and pears are prohibited. Potatoes are banned, including Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams. (Exceptions: Boiled potatoes are allowed. Seedless avocados are allowed except in California.) Your email address will not be published.

Mandatory fields are marked * If you plan to purchase prescription drugs in Mexico, you will need a valid prescription from a Mexican doctor and/or your medication in its original packaging. Thank you for any reply. In the end, we are on our way to D.F. In Mexico, if you carry a knife with you, even a pocket knife. So, I think it all depends on whether you know how to deal with the Mexican authorities. and if you ever find yourself in situations where you might have trouble explaining yourself. Or if you meet a policeman or a soldier who is not living his best day. (?) – Read-on MacDuff E-visit to In addition, the two constructions can be combined to form the “chanwich construction”, in which two halves of a channel handle are screwed together. Although rare, this construction usually retains the best elements of both constructions and rejects the worst, as it retains the best form of adhesion for which the canal construction is known, while allowing the adjustment of the tightness with which the handles are held together to some extent, as well as easier access to the inside of the handle for cleaning.