Arab Women`s Legal Network Jordan

AWLN promotes and supports Arab women working in the legal professions by facilitating meetings of Arab women lawyers. It provides a platform for lawyers to share their expertise and experience, as well as discuss common challenges and issues. The network also offers specialized training and professional development programs aimed at raising public and professional awareness of the law and improving the professional skills of Arab women lawyers so that they can participate efficiently and effectively and build and strengthen their societies. AWLN supports the justice sector in general and empowers Arab women through partnerships with the government and official bodies, including the Ministry of Justice, the Judicial Council and the Institute of Justice. ALWN forms these partnerships with the aim of conducting research and studies, legislative reviews and developing legal publications and training materials, in addition to organizing workshops, discussion sessions and promoting much-needed awareness of current issues. The network also supports and strengthens the legal sector in all possible ways, including through training workshops, discussions and awareness-raising campaigns. The Arab Women`s Legal Network was founded in 2005 as a regional non-governmental, non-profit organization and covers the entire Arab world with its headquarters in Amman, Jordan.