Acsa Cheer Rules

USASF rules, divisions and categories create a safe, consistent and fair platform for cheer and dance athletes at celebrity events and practices. Security, followed by skills development and fair play, is a top priority when establishing or adjusting rules or policies. The USASF also establishes guidelines for best practices in All Star areas that are not directly related to safety rules, but are important to the integrity of the sport. This means that all producers of CASA member events that organize cheer or dance competitions must meet minimum standards for their competitions to be sanctioned. CASA establishes guidelines for best practices in All Star areas that are important to the integrity of sport. One of its fundamental principles is the establishment of standardised rules, safety guidelines and competition standards. An important initiative launched by CASA to pursue its goal of creating the safest environment for cheer/dance athletes to train and compete is the release of CASA`s Cheer & Dance Event Sanction Standards. The USASF is strengthening its safety rules and policies through the qualification of coaches to ensure that cheer coaches are able to teach the appropriate skills, and the certification of safety judges, which provides safety judges with the knowledge and resources necessary to enforce safety rules during competition. NOTE: Beginner information has been removed from the following ASCA assessment documents. NZCU follows a separate beginner grading system. Please refer to the “Assessment and rules for beginners” section. School teams are evaluated according to the ASCA points system.

This video shows the important changes to the age grid and rules coming to Cheer in 2022-2023. NOTE: Most of this year`s EPS use ACSA rating for beginners, but please contact your EP for confirmation. For the 2021 season, we will continue to use the casa-adapted system, which allows us to follow the new rule changes and adapt them to this season. We really appreciate CASA for their continued support. removed 2021_NZCU_ACSA_Cheer_Scoring_General_Information_V1.1_Newbie. Resources available on casa`s website include policy templates, forms, recommendations and other documents.