Acceptable Forms of Identification Australia

Are you a person with a disability who does not have a driver`s license? Have you ever been stuck asking for certain things because they consider a driver`s license to be the most important identification tool? Worry no more, Ideas has researched and listed different types of credentials that could help you. Provides proof of age for Queenslanders aged 15 or older. This is an ideal form of photo ID for people who are not old enough to get a driver`s license or who do not have a driver`s license or passport. To obtain your ID card, you must visit each Access Canberra property with original copies of the ID. The accepted forms are listed in the link below. An example of proper identification if you do not have your licence is your birth certificate and health insurance card. To apply for the ACT ID card, you must be at least 18 years old. Your photo card will be sent to your address once transactions and approval are complete. Delivery can take up to 3 weeks.

Five forms of identification are acceptable in authorized locations, some of which are also available as digital IDENTIFICATION: To apply for the Key Pass, you will need identification documents such as your birth certificate, age verification card, health insurance card, or state benefit card. The full list of accepted documents can be found here. To submit your application, find the post office nearest you and bring your completed application and ID. Your application will be reviewed and your photo taken, once your key passport is processed, your official card will be sent to you. An NSW photo card can be used as photo ID if you do not have an NSW driver`s license. It has the same application process and security features as a driver`s license and should be accepted as identification wherever a driver`s license is recognized. While there is usually an administration fee associated with this card, cards are issued free of charge to eligible retirees. To learn more about the NSW Photo Card or to receive a request, visit the nearest NSW Service Center. Deny service to people who appear to be minors and do not have acceptable identification. Your employees should not assume that another person has verified the identity of a customer (the person may have sneaked into the authorized premises).

All employees should be able to identify the security features of each TYPE of ID. Some institutions may accept other forms of photo IDENTIFICATION, such as a student ID, for general purposes. The most important ways to present acceptable photo identification include: The Personnel Information Card Application Form contains additional information, including identification by the acceptable types required to submit your application. Once your application and payment has been submitted to a Tasmanian store, you can expect to receive your personal information card within ten business days. It is up to you to decide which ID will be accepted in order to access your licensed premises. It is also your responsibility to establish effective policies or rules to verify IDENTITY. If you only accept and verify identification document forms defined as “proof of acceptable age” under the Liquor Act 1992, you have a potential defense against law enforcement action (if you allow a minor to enter or reside in authorized premises). You may be held responsible for legal action if you allow an unbleached minor to the scene by failing to carefully verify their ID.

It is essential to verify the ID with control; Simply verifying an ID does not protect you or your employees from prosecution if the person in the photo is very different from the person presenting the ID. The proof of age card is often used by people with visual impairments as another form of identification than a driver`s license. This can also be used for legal and financial documents. It is used to check if the person who wants to enter an authorized building or buy alcohol is over 18 years old. This card is recognized throughout Australia. How to apply for the proof of age card: Currently, driver`s licenses issued by state and territorial authorities are the most widely used personal identification documents. The driver`s license shows a person`s full name, date of birth, and current address, and includes a photo. They can often be used for personal identification for various purposes, such as obtaining various regulatory approvals and documents (such as passport or tax number), as well as opening bank accounts or applying for credit cards. (See also 100-point verification.) This card is a form of identification that can be used by people of all ages to prove their identity and age. How to apply for a personal information card: You can use the Northwest Territories Age Verification Card for general identification instead of a driver`s licence and when participating in age-restricted activities, such as purchasing alcohol or admission to licensed establishments. Participants in the Northern Territory Concession Program are entitled to a free proof of age card every five years.

To apply, fill out the application form available here. Submit your form in person to a Northern Territory motor vehicle registration office. Proof of identity is always required to apply. Below you will find the corresponding proof of identity documents. The Australia Post is proposing an initiative that makes it much less frustrating not to have access to a valid driver`s license or passport. Key Pass Identification can be used in all states and territories of Australia. You can use this card as proof of your age and identity. The concession price for a new card is $29.95, the total price is $39.95, the price for northern Territory residents is $25. Requesting this service will help you when services require multiple forms of identity, and the best news is that applying for a Key Pass card is quick and easy. Apply for the Australia Post Key Pass by following the link below or by finding your nearest Australian post office: Please note that original documents are required for viewing, photocopies are not acceptable. If you have changed your name (by marriage or otherwise), you will also need to provide documents as proof of this change. Choose an option if your current address is not displayed in any of your identity documents: there is no uniform standard for identity verification.

For most purposes, an Australian driver`s license or Australian photo card is sufficient; However, for more demanding transactions (such as applying for a passport or opening a bank account), each institution tends to have its own rules. To apply for a Keypass 18+ ID card, you must be at least 17 years and 11 months old. If your application is accepted, Australia Post will send you your card on your 18th birthday. Applicants under the age of 18 can apply for a Keypass under the age of 18 (the minimum age to apply for a Keypass is 15 and is valid until you reach the age of 18 during this period. Choose an option if the name of your application differs from the name on your identification documents: the form can be retrieved from any VicRoads office or by contacting Victoria Liquor and Gaming at 1300 182 457 and requesting that an application form be sent to you.