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On these pages you will find a wealth of information to protect you and your loved ones. Especially at a time when we are becoming the most vulnerable. And while legal issues can sometimes be a bit complicated, we`ve tried to present the details of our services in a language you can understand. Markel Legal Expenses Insurance is the new name of Abbey Legal Protection`s BTE business policy. It has been taken over by Markel International Insurance Company since 2014. Markel Protection Limited is the new name of Abbey Protection Group Limited and is the corporate member of Markel Law, our legal services firm licensed and regulated by the SRA. I watch all the amazing and updated content daily on and connect with professionals from all over the world Markel After The Event Insurance Services is the new name of Abbey Legal After The Event Services. You can learn more about each of these brands, as well as their products and services, on the following websites: Without making a will, the “wrong” people can inherit your assets and your business may take longer to complete. A will is also the only place where you can appoint guardians to take care of your children. The idea of creating trusts to protect your assets and beneficiaries` claims is often overlooked. However, the use of trusts is very important and can often save the family home from the dizzying costs of long-term care.

None of us can predict the future or when we might have a serious illness or some form of dementia – regardless of age. It is therefore extremely important that you consider taking precautions in the event that you suffer from a serious illness and lose your mental capacity. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, competitive and simple service and are happy to host a non-binding meeting. This is usually done in the comfort and privacy of your own home and at a time that suits you. This means you don`t need to travel, park or take a break! We all know that we have to do our will, but the sad fact of life is that a large part of people die without having put their affairs in order. This can lead to unnecessary problems for those who stay behind during an extremely stressful time. Contact us now to arrange a free in-home consultation so that we can discuss and explain this type of service in more detail. We offer a friendly, welcoming and hassle-free will writing service at a very competitive price. For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact us. Your peace of mind is assured.

If a person dies, the executors named in the will may need to apply for an estate if the estate is worth more than £5,000 or if the deceased owned property. You are also welcome to use our quick request form or call us on our dedicated 01773 443301 support line. We will be more than happy to discuss any of your questions. There is also a Quick Links section on each page to help you find other relevant information. Trusts can be used to ensure that future generations benefit from them and exclude those who might be married to your intended beneficiaries. We are also able to establish a vulnerable persons trust for beneficiaries who may be disabled to protect their national and local benefits. Failure to do so would mean that managing your property and financial affairs could enter the turmoil. By appointing your lawyers while you still have capacity, your loved ones can continue to function and ensure that your cases are handled as you would have liked. Share this page with your contacts and let them know that you are visiting

Markel Tax is the new name of Abbey Tax and Accountax. Contact us now to arrange a home visit to discuss further. We are happy to visit you from the comfort of our own home to discuss these issues in detail. The number of permanent power of attorney applications continues to increase. The number of the permanent power of attorney (LPA) […].